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My à la carte Menu and set menus, my story

My home is my passion, cooking is my expression

Our entire team is dedicated to making your visit an exceptional moment. Classic-Fiction, Emotion, Action Reaction... My selection of inventive and delicious set menus with varied choices and different approaches will match your desires of the moment.

The definition of my passion

Salty to Share around the Nest
Castelnaudary Beans, Corbières Mozzarella
Seasonal Truffle, Roquette
Scallop, Juniper Berries,
Stuffed Green Cabbage, Morteau Sausage
Cheeses ... Fresh and refined Aude and Elsewhere
My Waffle to Share
Jivara Creamy Crunchy with Tonka Bean
Sweets Delights

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My training in another dimension

Salty around the Nest to Share
"Tartare-Frite" ... Tarbouriech Oyster, Beef Fillet, Blown Apple
« Bouillabaisse « ... Duck foie gras, Shells, Cranquette
"Choucroute"... Scallop Nuts, Green Cabbage, Morteau
"Grand Veneur" ... Deer, Smoked Eel, Pepper Sancho
Cheeses ... Fresh and refined Aude and Elsewhere
My Waffle to Share
Bourdaloue... Pear Comice, Almond, Red Wine
Sweets Delights
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Little culinary actions awaiting your reaction

Salty to Share around the Nest
Tarbouriech Oyster N ° 2, Beef Fillet, Puffed Potato
Duck Foie Gras, Shells, Cranquette, Saffron Pistil
Castelnaudary Bean, Corbières Mozzarella, Black Truffle
Abalone, Quinoa, Citrus, Chicken Skin
Turbot, Beetroot, Black Boudin, White Truffle
Veal chop, Frégola Sarda, Sea urchins, Seaweed butter
Fresh and Ripened Cheese from Aude and Abroad
Soufflé Chocolate, Hazelnut, Hay
Gala and Granny-Smith Apple, Quince, Cider
Sweets Delights
165 €
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New generation
For our young guests under 12 years old
I will compose a menu of your choice :

A starter, a fish or meat dish
(Garnishing of your choice)
A dessert accompanied by
A drink of your choice
32 €
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A La Carte Menu
To start off. ...
Tarbouriech N°3 Oyster, Beef Fillet, Monalisa Puffed Potato, Shallot
56 € vat incl.

Duck Foie Gras Bouillabaisse
Shellfish, Cranquette Juice
55 € vat incl.

Castelnaudary Beans, Corbières Mozzarella, Melanosporum Truffle, Roquette
54 € vat incl.
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A La Carte Menu
... to follow up
Scallop, Green Cabbage,
Morteau Sausage, Juniper Berries
56 Vat Incl

Abalone, Quinoa, Bachès' Citrus Fruits, Chicken Skin
66 € Vat Incl

Turbot Fillet, Beetroot, Black Boudin, White Truffle
60 € Vat Incl

Beef Fillet "Bocuse d'Or"
Served January 29th, 2003
60 € Vat Incl

Deer, Sancho pepper, Smoked eel, Pumpkin
58 € Vat Incl

Veal, Seaweed Butter, Sea Urchin,Sarda Fregola , Parmesan
59 € Vat Incl

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A La Carte Menu
My Pastry Chef Alexis Thauvin invites you to discover our creations
Jivara Creamy Crunchy lacté
Tonka Bean Ice cream
19 € Vat Incl
Pear Comice like a Bourdaloue
Almond, Red Wine
17 € Vat Incl
Soufflé Chocolate Hazelnut
Ice Cream Hay
18 € Vat Incl
Gala and Granny-Smith apple
Quince, Cider sorbet
18 € Vat Incl
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To Do
At lunch only
From Tuesday 15th to Saturday 19th of January
At Lunch Only

Stuffed Squid chive chorizo
Creamy risotto with ink cuttlefish
Lamb shoulder confit, Jus "perlé"
Chickpea purée and Polenta
Gavotte with Orange and Chocolate
Bitter cocoa Biscuit

Selection of our Sommelier

48 € Vat Incl. (1 glass of wine)
55 € Vat Incl. (2 glasses of wine)
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