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My Cuisine, my Identity

In search of synthesis and the balance of contrasting flavours.

Franck Putelat himself describes his cuisine as "classic fiction". He redirects the great classic dishes of gastronomy, leading them to another age, and in narrating his own story, makes a "fiction" of them. He tends towards emotion, writes poetry, seeks to converse with his guests, offering them an authentic sensory journey in taste.

In my cuisine, I'm looking for the pure essence, the true nature and the identity of a product in order to enhance it. Without any flashiness, a bit like a tune that has first to be refined to the extreme, retaining only a few notes, before it can be fully revealed in a final composition.

As with music, a perfect mastery of one's scales, one's range and gestures is essential. Technique serves to reach a balanced combination of all the elements. Provided that one knows and appreciates them, it is perfectly possible to associate all products, even the most diverse!

From land to sea, from mountains to plains, from Jura to Aude, all terroirs are meant to meet, separate and meet again. This is the deeper sense of the paths in life, of my own personal history. My temperament urges me on to experiment, beyond cultural obstructions, this search for balance between very different products, very different histories. Perhaps better than I myself would be able to express it, my dishes indicate an open mind conducive to encounters of contrasts. The most beautiful of encounters.

The Tarbouriech Tartare
An obvious balance
The balance between iodine and blood, between land and sea. A balance of contrasts that reflects who I am and finally has made a mark on my whole cuisine.
The story of this dish is unusual, between a tasting session of Tarbouriech oysters and a simple dish from the kitchen brigade, the idea became obvious. Several days later, the recipe was born, and it would become one of my first signature dishes.

Beef filet « Silver Bocuse »
Served on 29 January 2003 in Lyon
After having represented France for the Bocuse Gold Medal in 2003 (international artistic cuisine championships), a competition created by Paul Bocuse, I wanted to recreate the meat dish of the day of that competition.
Beef fillet studded with black truffle and lardo di Colonnata, a chartreuse of beef cheek and oxtail as well as an artichoke reconstituted with foie gras filled crème brûlée, served with truffled beef stock.

Incidentally, I came in second with this dish, winning the Silver Bocuse (a difference of 1 point with Norway, the gold winner in 2003). In 2005, France's Serge Vieira won the Gold Bocuse, beating Norway by one point!
Bouillabaisse... Duck Foie Gras
A meeting between land and sea
The idea came about during a meal at the home of friends, going from foie gras on toast to fish soup. A few pieces of toast were left which I just had to finish!
The association of tastes was a revelation. I then refined it with a consommé of Mediterranean green crab and mashed potatoes flavoured with saffron pistils from Gerard, an enthusiastic friend.

It once again proves my point : one's taste buds must remain curious, receptive, without any preconceived notions.

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