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Offer a gourmet menu

Offer a gourmet menu at La Table de Franck Putelat.

Time is a gift that's almost sacred. We see it as a magic moment, a privilege to share with your friends and loved ones.

Offer an experience of time as it passes, time to enjoy and savour

"A Faire" Gift Certificate
Offer the "A Faire" Menu, a relaxed luncheon
An island of well-being and relaxation totally dedicated to gastronomy where one can drop anchor for business meetings or delightful meals, for two or on one's own.
- Our own cocktail, appetizers
- "A Faire" menu (3 courses)
- Mineral water
- Coffee, petits-fours
136 €
for 2 persons
72 €
for 1 person
"Action Réaction" Gift Certificate
Offer the "Action Réaction" menu: inspirations, creations, impressions
Little culinary actions awaiting your reaction
- Our own cocktail, appetizers
- Pre-starter
- "Action Reaction" Menu (8 courses)
- Regional wines
- Coffee, petits-fours
552 €
for 2 persons
"Classique Fiction" Gift Certificate
Franck Putelat revisits the classics
Imaginez un cuisinier doté d'une formation classique, projeté dans une autre dimension.
- Our own cocktail, appetizers
- Pre-starter
- "Classic-Fiction" Menu
- Regional wines
- Coffee, petits-fours
462 €
for 2 persons
"Emotions" Gift Certificate
The definition of passion
The gift certificate from the chef's heart, the food of love
- Our own cocktail, appetizers,
-"Emotions" Menu
- Regional wines
- Coffee, petits-fours
342 €
for 2 persons

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