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Mof !

Indescribable !!!

The blue-white-red collar is a dream, a distinctive sign of the cooks, elected by their peers. Since I started, I've met a lot of extremely talented chefs, but those who got these colors have always seemed to me as chosen, among theirs, as ambassadors of French cuisine, of its excellence, and for a brief moment for her, a generation for us, responsible for its history and its transmission.

Almost a sacred badge, discreet and huge at the same time, simple and irreducible: the colors of France on his collar, like flags on embassy facades, all over the world!

This is neither a victory nor a medal, even if the selection is tough (!). Recognition, and the responsibility of being a repository of trust to perpetuate an exceptional story, respecting it and evolving it: by loving it as it deserves, that is to say as the best of all .

Thank you !

My first thought, my first pride, for Laurence, my wife. Who entered my life as an evidence, and returned to my house, in his own way, discreetly, bringing balance, happiness, and light. Everything is different thanks to her, who joins me every day for lunch, simply, for a normal life, complete, accomplice, just before the shot. Thank you Laurence, and thank you life!

For my father and my mother, did you see the parents what the son did?

For my family, for my children, know that I am as proud of you as you of me today, and for all those who love me (or who support me will also say those who know me!).

Thank you René Conrod and your brass that I spent in salt dough, thank you Pierre Carpentier for the days of rest spent learning to count and thank you Georges Blanc for telling me in 1992: it's your chance now!

See you all here or there, but always at the table or in the kitchen.

Long live the kitchen!


Franck Putelat, exhausted, happy and mof (too good !!)

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