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The pillars of Le Parc, episode 1 : Marina

Marina welcomes you every day with her legendary smile - but did you know that she flew across the Atlantic hundreds of times before finally landing - literally - at the Hotel Restaurant Le Parc Franck Putelat?

In her own words:

"After my studies, I went to Paris to work in sales - as a salesperson on the Champs Elysées, then I managed a boutique stand in Printemps... I was an air hostess with Air Caraïbes flying to the West Indies for 4 years. (At that point, one can hear the Chef whistle)
Landing in Carcassonne, I learned by chance that Le Parc was looking for a receptionist. More out of curiosity, I applied and I took to the Chef's personality at once, though I was a bit awed at first...

Two hotels and one brasserie later, I'm stilll here and I love it!

My first slip-up : As I didn't have any experience of working in restaurants, I didn't realise that the term "cuistot" was pejorative. I learned right away the first time when I asked the Chef "How many 'cuistots' are there in your brigade?"

The Chef's reply : Not a single 'cuistot', I only have cooks here!

Oops, sorry, I won't do that again!"

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