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The pillars of Le Parc, episode 2 : Laurent

You will come across Laurent, who has been at Le Parc for more than 7 years, that even the Chef thinks Laurent knows the place better than himself!

Laurent joined us in 2009 for the job of kitchen porter. He was always ready to lend a hand when there was a rush on in the kitchen, so much so that the Chef gave him a chance to join the kitchen brigade as a commis.

Do you have the feeling you know his face? You may have seen him on the television show "It's my life" in September 2012, which traced his path from washing dishes to working in the kitchen, not an easy feat when you don't have the basic training!

But Laurent hung on there bravely, never letting go and finally he's now found his true place as a commis in the dining room - a post he's occupied for the last 4 years, unfailingly professional and friendly. Congratulations!

Here's the recollection he would have liked us to keep quiet about but it's really too late now:

When he first started out in the kitchen, the Chef asked him to get some tarragon (estragon in French)... 5 minutes later, Laurent cheerfully returned with a swordfish (espadon in French) in his hands!

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