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The Tarbouriech Oyster Tartare

The origin of the "Tarbouriech Oyster Tartare": when the idea appears in all simplicity, it's the right one. Or as the Chef would have it : "Sometimes, in order to find something, it would be better to stop searching."

The Tarbouriech Oyster Tartare, made up of oyster, beef fillet tartare and a potato soufflée is an iconic dish in the Chef's cuisine since.... how long ago is that now??

Flashback 10 years ago :

The Chef and his brigade were looking for an innovative dish for his new menu. The main component was to be oyster. Oyster tastings went on, one after the other ... but there was never an idea that caught on more than another.

Finally, it was lunchtime. The Chef and his brigade by now felt their palates were saturated and decided to take a break for lunch.

On that day, on the staff menu was : beef tartare, fries.
And eureka! The unexpected mix in the taste buds ... of a tangy sea flavour, beef fillet, potato : the dish "Tartare-fries", a classic of the Chef's, was born!

Obviously several trials were needed before we reached the dish as we know it today, but the essential part of it had been found.
The Tartare has been on our menu for 10 years.

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